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Bogus Callers Advice

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While almost all people who come to your door will be genuine, not every one is. If a thief can get into your property without having to go to the effort of breaking in, they could try. Taking these additional safety precautions can help you avoid being tricked by a potential burglar.

What is a Bogus Caller?

It is a sad reality of life that certain criminals will impersonate others to carry out despicable offences, praying on vulnerable individuals throughout the local community. Sadly this type of crime does occur with bogus callers varying in appearance and using numerous excuses to try and trick their way into peoples homes.

The goal of the bogus caller is to try to talk their way into your home, after all if they can walk-through your doorway after receiving an invite from you, why should they go to all the trouble of having to break into your property.

Bogus callers are people that pretend to be someone they are not, like a workman, or a member of staff from a utility company. Such callers could be looking to commit a distraction theft: they wish to trick their way into your house in order to steal. Always be cautious about any unknown man, woman, or child who comes to your doorstep, without preparing it with you first.

When anybody claiming to be from a service company comes to the door, always look for their ID and call the customer services division to confirm it. Any legitimate caller is not going to mind waiting.

Most utility companies operate password schemes, so call yours and set one up. Any of their staff will know this when they come to your property.

Genuine trades people should carry photo ID. Keep the door closed while you check it thoroughly, and call their head office if you feel unsure.

Keep clear of any person who states they’re in a big hurry and needs to get into your home swiftly.

Never let anyone take you to the bank to withdraw money.

If you feel at all uncertain, schedule a time for the caller to come back again when a friend or relative can be with you.

Bogus callers in all shapes and sizes, including young children, are at work. Please do not let them trick you into letting them in. If you don’t have a door chain or viewer consider having one fitted, they cost very little.


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